Our Story

Our Vision

At Blu Handmade, we embrace beauty, innovation, and sustainability at our core.

Inspired from nature, culture, and artisanal art – each collection is conceptualized and crafted by woman from Peru and Mexico.

Our garments are carefully designed and thoughtfully made with you and the planet in mind.

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Hecho a Mano

Our first Collection was created in Peru and hand-crafted in the region of the Amazon by artisans from the jail Of Huanuco City, Blu Handmade strive to support local communities by creating income, promoting cultural exchange and helping to preserve local traditions. Our Collection 2021 is creating by Woman from little communities in Mexico.

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Sustainable Design

From concept to creation, we value our planet and want to promote a world to do more with less. Curating a lifestyle that helps to reduce footprint impact without compromising on quality or aesthetic.

Blu Handmade aims to align women with ideals of sustainable fashion

Empowering Women.

Our garments are handcrafted by at-risk women and single mothers. Our mission of empowerment towards these women begins with our contribution to the improvement of their economic situation by lifting them out of poverty with a livable-income.

Meet The founder

I’m Brigitte Lu, founder of Blu Handmade, born and raised in the small town of Huanuco, Peru.

I was raised by my grandmother who worked from home as an independent seamstress. Through my childhood, I witnessed and assisted her in sewing beautiful garnments, sometimes all night long. Her hard work and dedication inspired me throughout my life and career. 

After moving to the United States when I was 18 years old, I worked in many fields and graduated in medicine field.

Through my exotic background and my drive for discovering the world and its natural resources I became passionate about creating a positive impact through the voice of my brand, keeping ethical and sustainable practices at the forefront of my mission.

Through difficult challenges, finally was born Blu Handmade, a creative brand that produces unique homemade crocheted swimwear, hand-crafted by women from my beloved country and others similar cultures. 

My mission is to create the highest quality handmade products from eco-friendly, sustainable materials for all eco-conscious women, no matter their sizes. 

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